Management of communication on social networks. Our task was to establish branding of social networks, maintain active communication with the fans and promote their engagement with the brand.



For one of the best steakhouses in Slovakia, we developed a concept of communication on social networks, complete management of newsletter campaigns and demonstrable enhancement of fans’ interaction and engagement.

increase in fan interaction on Facebook
boost of positive reviews of the restaurant
organic growth of the reach of Facebook posts


Each seasoned gourmet is well aware that food is not eaten only with the mouth, but also with the eyes and nose. However, the social networks cannot convey smells yet, so our communication strategy made use of a host of stylish photographs accompanied by some atmospheric behind-the-scene photos from the El Gaucho’s kitchen.


As for the communication strategy, the client requested continuous increase in fans’ engagement with the brand. This objective was accomplished, moreover, we managed to increase a number of active fans as well as organic reach of the posts. We built a stable Facebook community of people who love quality steaks. We aimed to create an image of the company as a friend, not an annoying salesperson.

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