Our objective was to propose naming and a visual for the campaign to promote a secure data backup solution for companies. To execute PPC campaigns and provide their detailed reporting. To obtain relevant leads for the representatives of the company exe, a.s.



In order to establish effective communication, we proposed a name for the service (exe SafeSpace), a strategy of advertising distribution, system and optimisation of marketing activities together with an interactive video and a whole range of various accompanying visuals. The campaign helped us to gain valuable leads, which constituted a basis for further client’s business activities.


Virtually each company needs to safeguard their precious data with a backup solution. However, not every company uses a modern cloud storage for that purpose. Therefore, the campaign to promote the services of exe SafeSpace aimed to disseminate the information on benefits of the cloud solutions. The campaign resulted in a number of new leads and enhanced brand visibility across the Slovak online space.

Animated video

Probably the most effective way to raise the awareness about the brand in the online space is YouTube InStream advertising. Given the extensive scope and reasonable costs of this method we decided to employ it in the exeSafeSpace campaign. We created a simple animated video to introduce major benefits of the services. The video was subsequently used for communication on the social networks.


After obtaining an email address, it is important to follow-up with the user so the contact does not have time to “cool off”. In order to achieve better results and streamline the process, we created a map of actions, so-called email automation, which helped us to work with the lead systematically from its obtaining to target conversion.

PPC advertising

To attain defined KPIs, we also employed standard PPC formats of the Google and Facebook ad networks. Both activities were supported by A/B testing of ad banners and the landing page.


With regard to conducting a successful PPC campaign and ultimately increasing the conversion ratio, it is crucial to direct the users to a website, where they can try or purchase a service/product. Therefore, as a part of the campaign we created an interactive microsite where users could test the security of their company’s backup. We obtained valuable leads, and the users received feedback in return. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

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