Our assignment was to create a visual style and advertising elements of the magazine Forbes Austria; regularly participate in the cover design, content wrapping, photo retouching and in-house magazine advertisement. We provided assistance with the launch campaign concerning introduction of the brand Forbes on the Austrian market.



We designed a complete visual style of the magazine Forbes Austria, including promotional materials and social media branding. Virtually since the very introduction of the magazine to the Austrian market we have assisted to design all its cover pages, wrapped the content and retouched the photographs. As per client’s request, we have also designed a visual style of city-lights and billboards.

Desktop publishing

The cover design of Forbes, created by our designers, has been moulding the image of the magazine since it was launched on the Austrian market. Despite strict standards, time and again they prove their skills and creativity, thanks to many years of experience in cooperation with Forbes Magazine in the Slovak and Czech market.

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