Our task was to create a visually appealing advertising campaign aiming to evoke positive emotions and transform the perception of the brand Thermal Park Nitrava. We were also to propose continuous creative ideas to accelerate the visit bounce rate of the website, social networks and awareness of target groups about the brand.



To achieve the campaign objectives and acceptance by the customer, we created a long-running advertising campaign focusing on entertaining content evoking feelings of carefree relaxation. The campaign received a lot of positive responses from general public, which manifested in enhanced interaction on the social networks and ultimately attracted larger number of visitors.


Before our cooperation, Thermal Park Nitrava used a humanised frog to represent the brand. We decided to preserve this communication element and build on it. In our campaign the Frog found himself in various situations, which the target audience found funny and could identify with. Its character was also adapted to the needs of target groups, so he changed into a cheeky teenager, content adult or playful kid.

Social Networks

The Frog himself also ruled the social networks. Tailor-made illustrations accompanied by authentic photographs enabled us to respond immediately to various important events such as Ice Hockey World Championships, the construction process of the Water Park or opening of new swimming pools and spiral slides. The Frog’s unique tone of voice attracted interest of various Facebook audiences and motivated them to share the posts spontaneously.


To further increase the rate of audience interaction, we deployed elements of so-called advergaming. We developed a microsite containing a game “Find the Frog”. The website visitors were welcomed by the illustration of a water castle which was being built at the time. The Frog was hidden somewhere among the attractions. The task was to find his location, which kept changing. If a user managed to find him, they could win various prizes. If not, he could attempt again after three hours. This way users could participate in the game multiple times within the competition. Moreover, we obtained precious email addresses, which client now uses to deliver newsletters with special offers.

Offline Communication

In the campaign "Bude to veľké" [It’ll be big] we utilised the means of digital marketing as well as the elements of OOH advertising, namely billboards and mega-boards in the profile areas with the highest concentration of the target audience.

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