The company asked us to design an attractive communication concept for a topic of electromobility emphasizing the online environment and promoting awareness of alternative forms of transport in the region of CCE.



Electromobility is an innovative topic, which primarily encourages use of electric and hybrid cars as an environmentally-friendly mode of transport. Our task was to create a communication concept that would continuously increase awareness about "the green transport of the future" and present electromobility as a new way of life.

Social networks and direct marketing

The communication activities of the project were performed in the environment of social networks. We also employed a direct addressing of B2B partners by means of a client brochure, roll-ups, customer cards and newsletters.


The central communication platform was a website kdenabijat.sk with attractive content and linkage to the map of charging stations in Europe. It was a place where fans of electromobility as well as the general public could find interesting information and news on the topic.

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